Be part of the Movescount community.

Be part of the Movescount community

We aren't asking too much; just don't abuse the site. Every community feature in Movescount involves a certain level of trust and we trust you!

What to do
Start now. Join Movescount by registering in here. You can also browse through the community and see what other members of the service are currently doing.

Make your Move
Create Moves manually on Movescount. This enables you to make note from each Move you have done! Add your stories to your Moves. Use rich media like routes, pictures and videos. You can also record Moves with your Suunto devices and upload them to Movescount using Moveslink.

Share it online!
Link back to Movescount! Movescount makes it possible to share your Moves outside Movescount, on your favorite forums, blogs, and biggest social networks. Enjoy Movescount Challenge yourself, participate, find your inspiration and inspire others. Check out what Movescount members are doing and give them feedback.

Use Movescount as your personal sports diary
You can move just for yourself! Just use the service and get the benefits of your personal sports diary. You can be a private member. Nobody knows that you are using the site.

What not to do
Don't create false Moves. Most of the sites don't allow you to create Moves manually but we do. So be trustworthy and add only Moves you have really physically experienced.

Don't use inappropriate images in your icons or photos. Express yourself and have fun, but use common sense and don't upload pics that could be offensive or inappropriate such as nudity. If we find that you've uploaded an icon that contains "restricted" content, we'll remove the icon and send you a warning. If we find you doing it again, we'll terminate your account.

Don't verbally abuse other members. Shoutbox is an informal way to communicate on Movescount. Good manners rule when creating shouts and remember: no cursing! Keep in mind, if you find something inappropriate, you can report it by clicking the ‘feedback' button at the bottom of the page where you found the content.

That's it.
Thank you for playing by the book!

Movescount team

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